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Styling Video: How to Wear Callia’s Aditi All-In-One

Sustainable Fashion & The Slow Fashion Movement

Callia is part of the sustainable fashion movement. We believe that our jewelry should have a positive impact on the women that make it, as well as the world we live in. This includes promoting “Slow Fashion”, which means consuming and creating clothes and accessories more consciously, with awareness around how fashion affects people and the planet.

In respect of this movement, multi-function designs are a cornerstone of Callia’s brand. A single piece that wears multiple ways is good for both your wallet and the environment. It also encourages you to think creatively about how you can do less with more: a subject on which the African women behind our brand are true experts!

Introducing Aditi

The most impressive example of Callia’s multifunction mantra is our Aditi All-In-One, which takes its name from the Hindu goddess of space, time and consciousness.

How to Wear It

Callia Jewelry’s Aditi All-In-One is a cord that functions as a necklace, bracelet, head band, belt or anklet. This sustainable and eco-friendly piece is perfect for layering. It is an ideal festival fashion piece for the “It Girl” that wants to pack light while still having lots of styling options!

As a necklace, the Aditi All-In-One adjusts to 3 different lengths. It wears with or without Callia Jewelry’s detachable pendants (sold separately). In addition, it can be worn as a:

  • Wrap bracelet
  • Hand bracelet/ring
  • Head band
  • Anklet
  • Belt
  • Waist beads

What It’s Made Of

The Aditi All-In-One comes in natural woven hand-carved seashell sequins (shown here), as well as organic black or brown papyrus seed.

Callia’s Social Mission

Callia is an ethical jewelry brand that applies fair trade principals to empower low-income women in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Callia Jewelry trains rural women’s associations to produce and supply organic beads. It then trains urban women artisans to design and craft these beads into high-end, handmade beaded jewelry. These women also participate in technical training on production and design, to develop their professional skills. Callia’s jewelry is empowering a new generation of African women artisans to drive social and economic change. Each piece of Callia Jewelry that you buy generates income that enables Callia’s women suppliers and artisans to support their families.

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